Get a Fresh Start Everyday with A Free Daily Tarot Card Reading

Free Daily Tarot Card Readings

Get in tune with the energies of the day by getting a free daily Tarot card reading! A simple Tarot reading can provide guidance and insight into the events of the day, allowing you to make better decisions and follow a more positive path forward.

Get comfortable and focus your energy.

Before drawing your daily Tarot card, take a few moments to get comfortable and focus your energy. Sit in a quiet place and take several deep breaths, visualizing yourself surrounded by calming, positive energy. Think about what you hope to get from your Tarot reading and ask for insights that are most true and helpful for you. Once you feel connected, draw your card and spend time with it before exploring the interpretation of its meaning.

Choose a card for the day and think about any questions you may have.

Choose a single card to represent your day and think about any questions you may have in mind. Hold the card in your hand and focus on it, taking time to meditate on the image and contemplate its potential meaning. Consider not only its literal interpretation, but also its symbolic significance in relation to your question or situation. Once ready, begin exploring the interpretation of the card’s meaning.

Read the description of each card and consider how it relates to you or your question

The first step of your Tarot card reading is to draw a single card from the deck. Spend some time taking in its appearance, looking for any details or symbols that stand out. Be sure to read each card’s description and consider how it might relate to you or your question. Break down what individual elements symbolize, like colors and shapes, as well as the context of the scene depicted on the card.

Give yourself a few minutes to contemplate its significance in terms of your current situation

After you’ve studied the image on the card, take a few moments to sit with it and allow yourself to contemplate its meaning in relation to your current situation. Ask yourself how it reflects what is going on in your life or what feelings it elicits. Consider the advice it might lend; be sure to have an open mind and record any thoughts that come through.

Use creative visualization to connect with the energies of the cards and deepen your understanding

Creative visualization is a powerful tool to grasp the more subtle information within your cards. Take a few moments and focus on each card in the spread, then close your eyes and use your imagination to fully enter the world of Tarot. Visualize yourself in front of the card, touching it physically and sense its essence – colors, vibrations, symbols, messages – whatever comes your way.

Pundit Pete’s Daily Tarot Reading

Pundit Pete has a unique way of interpreting Tarot cards. His readings strive to help people understand what might be happening in their lives. So many people don’t have access to therapy, so Pete uses the images of the cards to bring up something that would trigger relevance in your life that might need acting upon. Pete shows us that there is always more than one truth to every situation. Alternative viewpoints can help us understand what is really happening.

Click each Tarot Card to reveal it, then click again to see the description. Match to the Card Position Below. Enjoy!

  1. Right now how you feel about yourself.
  2. Your current desires.
  3. Fears
  4. Forces in your favor.
  5. Forces against you.
  6. Outcome.

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