“Money” Tarot Card Reading

Money and careers are huge influences in our lives, whether we like it or not. Discover how the universe will influence your efforts to put your money and career in a stable place with a free, 3 card Tarot spread. The three Tarot cards (below) were shuffled when you clicked on this page. This gives you your individual reading, specifically for you.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure does make life easier! You might be wondering what is standing in your way and preventing you from building wealth. A Tarot Card reading on Money and Finance can’t tell us exactly what will happen in the future, but it can certainly give us a glimpse into what lies ahead while inspiring us to propel ourselves forward through life with financial success, love, happiness and gratitude.

Click each Tarot Card to reveal it, then click again to see the description. Match to the Card Position Below. Enjoy!

Your Tarot Card Reading, by Each Tarot Card Position

  1. Everything in your past that has led to your current financial situation.
  2. Events and energies that are affecting your finances RIGHT NOW!
  3. The undercurrent of power that can lead you to a new FUTURE regarding money and finances.
Tarot Card - The Hierophant

When The Hierophant appears, it is time to embrace the conventional, for it suggests that you have a certain desire to actually follow a path which has been well established. The Hierophant advises that you return to the role of a meticulous learner. Learn everything you can about your chosen area. Let that knowledge become a part of you and an operative influence on your day-to-day awareness. In this way, you can slowly and steadily establish real credibility in your field or chosen subject. The Hierophant also believes in strong commitments. This is a good time for investments, provided they are conservative and stable.

Things are confusing to you. You have lost your flexibility and also the feeling that you are in control. When the Hierophant appears reversed, he asks if there are beliefs in your own life that are keeping you in a state of rigidity. You are feeling an impulse to go against the rules, against social conventions, and against the way in which things are being done. This card may also be a warning that you should not partake in gossiping or slandering. There is a tendency for manipulation in a relationship and any distortion of the truth causes unhappiness. Be kind and changes will come.

Tarot Card - Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles signifies your accomplishments, skill development and perfectionism. The Eight Pentacles hanging on the Wall in this Card represents your proud display of accomplishments. You have done well. It suggests that you are working very hard, not just at present, but have been over a long period of time. This Card deals with finances and career and this success can be applied to any area of your life. In relationships, The Eight of Pentacles suggests that you always put in great effort and commitment into whatever current relationship you are in. Your relationships are always very strong and secure, based on trust and loyalty.

Instead of the commitment and dedication of the Upright Eight of Pentacles, we now see a lack of commitment and disinterest when it Reverses. This Reversed Eight could highlight the very real dilemma of being highly qualified but unable to find work in your field. You may be bringing personal problems into the workplace and are not getting your job done. Where Relationships are concerned, the Reversed Eight of Pentacles suggests that you are not putting any effort into maintaining yours. You could have a habit of not being able to follow through once the initial stage of a relationship has passed.

Tarot Card - Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles shows that stability can be gained by conserving your resources and saving money. The man in the Four of Pentacles appears to be in charge and quite rigid in his stance. The Pentacle held over his heart and the crown he wears symbolize his personal power, which he guards closely. Money has always been a big issue with you, but the pressure is off. Where money is concerned, you are secure. Setting boundaries is very strongly linked to The Four of Pentacles. With the Four of Pentacles, we get the possibility of a partner who controls the finances or holds back on money in the relationship. There can be hidden bank accounts.

If you have been saving hard for a long time then the Four of Pentacles Reversed can indicate that you now have enough money for whatever it is you wish to acquire. The man on the card is suffering because he is not open to sharing. The Four of Pentacles Reversed advises you to be generous with sharing your best qualities with others. You don’t seem to ever be satisfied with the way things are and could be constantly doing up the house and changing things. In a relationship, the Reversed Four of Pentacles can represent a partner who is very giving and sometimes to a fault.

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