“Life” Tarot Card Reading

Our traditional Tarot decks contains 78 cards, 22 of which are referred to as the Major Arcana and depict the major changes on our path through life. The remaining 56 cards, known as the Minor Arcana, expand on these themes.

In a Tarot Card Reading, there are 78 cards and each card has 2 representations, upright and reversed, for a total of 156 possible cards.

Your simple and Free Tarot Card Reading is below. The deck was shuffled when you arrived here. Just flip each card one at a time. Random, “Upside Down” cards can appear at anytime. An “Upside Down” card gives an alternate reading. Your reading is interpreted differently depending on the order of the cards. After clicking to reveal the card, click again to see the description!

Click each Tarot Card to reveal it, then click again to see the description. Match to the Card Position Below. Enjoy!

Your Tarot Card Reading, by Each Tarot Card Position

  1. Right now how you feel about yourself.
  2. Your current desires.
  3. Fears
  4. Forces in your favor.
  5. Forces against you.
  6. Outcome.
Tarot Card - Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups shows that your actions are influenced by your compassion. She knows that deep down there’s someone in your heart whom you know you’ll never forget. You might have felt that that person was your soulmate, and for whatever reason things didn’t work out between you two. Things will work for you in the future, so don’t despair. The Queen is full of sensitivity and emotions. With great intuition and a higher level of spiritual growth, the Queen of Cups teaches us how to emotionally connect with others. She increases our ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Show you care.

When you encounter the Queen of Cups Reversed, she is aware of the approach of someone untrustworthy. He or she may take advantage of your willingness to trust in a time of weakness. It represents the loss of love that may very well be the catalyst for your lack of emotional control. The Queen of Cups Reversed is consumed by pessimism, looking toward the sea that threatens to wash her away with great worry. For now, facing the pain must be your top priority. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It takes a strong person to be vulnerable and in pain. Spending some time by the sea in quiet contemplation may restore your balance.

Tarot Card - Five of Swords

The Five of Swords points to your stubbornness for winning at all costs in situations of disagreements or conflicts. The Five of Swords appearing in your Reading asks you to think long and hard before entering into a battle or engaging in hostilities with another for you have little chance of winning this one. This Card represents a situation where the concerns and welfare of others are not taken into consideration. Swords are crossed and a parting of the ways in either a relationship or friendship, may be inevitable. The Five of Swords may mean that you may just have to stand up for yourself or stand firm on an issue that you believe is right.

The Five of Swords Reversed represents a laying down of Swords or weapons as your battle comes to a end or a ceasefire is called. The Reversed Five of Swords, suggests that there is a relationship Red Flag if those involved are not seeking to resolve issues. In the cold light of day, there is no escaping the damage that has been done. The fallout comes home to roost and you may be shocked into realizing that you are directly responsible for the disaster and misery that surrounds you. You may have to make some personal sacrifices here in order to retain your integrity and if you want to put this sorry mess behind you and move on. Try being kind.

Tarot Card - King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles signifies your need for wealth, power and security. The King of Pentacles sits on an amazing throne, made of black marble. There are two extremely detailed gold carvings of bull’s heads on the top of the throne, and he rests a large golden pentacle on his knee. The message from this King of Pentacles Card is to take an idea and make it work. You have natural abilities and talents. Be proud of your achievements. Build from solid foundations. Your money could double if you invest it wisely. In relationships, this King of Pentacles represents security both physical and financial. He is a rock steady partner but may not be seen to be terribly romantic.

When the King of Pentacles Reverses, he falls from his throne. He may have been pressurized into entering a career that was not of his own choice due to family tradition and expectations. By securing a job that provides a steady income, this King will come back into balance again. He will have to live on what he earns but may be much happier in the long run. The Reversed King of Pentacles can suggest that money and finances are big worry to you at present. You may be feeling financially insecure and unstable. In his Reversed state, the King represents a relationship that has become increasingly boring, stuck in the mud and locked into bad habits.

Tarot Card - The Hierophant

When The Hierophant appears, it is time to embrace the conventional, for it suggests that you have a certain desire to actually follow a path which has been well established. The Hierophant advises that you return to the role of a meticulous learner. Learn everything you can about your chosen area. Let that knowledge become a part of you and an operative influence on your day-to-day awareness. In this way, you can slowly and steadily establish real credibility in your field or chosen subject. The Hierophant also believes in strong commitments. This is a good time for investments, provided they are conservative and stable.

Things are confusing to you. You have lost your flexibility and also the feeling that you are in control. When the Hierophant appears reversed, he asks if there are beliefs in your own life that are keeping you in a state of rigidity. You are feeling an impulse to go against the rules, against social conventions, and against the way in which things are being done. This card may also be a warning that you should not partake in gossiping or slandering. There is a tendency for manipulation in a relationship and any distortion of the truth causes unhappiness. Be kind and changes will come.

Tarot Card - Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles indicates the determination to achieve long term goals. The Man in brown on this card has been given a second chance and does not have any intention of messing up or letting outside influences destroy his efforts. This card symbolizes your hard work and the importance of you finishing what you have started regardless of how boring it may become. This is all part of the process and equally important to the more exciting aspects of your goals and ambitions. This is a very positive card and suggests that committed efforts are being put into your relationships. The time is coming for you to put up your feet and take a well-earned rest.

The Seven of Pentacles Reversed suggests that you are taking too many breaks and not putting in the required effort to get a successful result. This Card can be a sign that you have not been looking after your finances very well and are poor at budgeting. You may be spending more than is coming in. The Seven of Pentacles Reversed can be a sign that you may be putting too much effort into accumulating assets and have lost sight of what is of true value. The Seven of Pentacles Reversed can also indicate that you need to be more patient with yourself. This Card often highlights a relationship hitting a rocky patch.

Tarot Card - Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups represents happiness drawn from all of the many ideas you have had, and is a symbol of what your emotional life is when you are at your best. The feelings represented are all the good that is within the reach of each of us. When you see the Ten of Cups, know that an end to the hostility in your life is coming. If there is fighting around you, it will cease. If you are at war with yourself, you will find peace. The rainbow across the top of the Ten of Cups is an ancient symbol of peace and prosperity. Leprechauns hide their gold at the end of the rainbow, and it will be available to you in your future.

When the Ten of Cups Reversed appears, it is showing that all the positive energy you have is either blocked or it is being misdirected. When the pressure of the blocked energy is rising but doesn’t have an outlet, it may be released explosively. Make an extra effort to be positive so it doesn’t get to that point. Emotional conflicts can steal your Joy. If you can control your emotions and don’t let the negative energy get the best of you, these cups are full of gratitude, peace, and love, and they will bring reconciliations, lasting marriages, and sincere friendships.

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